How often should we post?

One of the students in class found this “rule of thumb”-style guide online and posted it to our class discussion board, so I thought I’d share it here so I’d have it for future reference.


I’m pleased with the Facebook minimum/maximum listed on the graphic–that’s what I’ve been shooting for at work already, and for the most part it’s pretty doable with the rest of my work. I do want to focus more on content–right now I share a lot of articles about books that may be topical to the day/time/current events, etc. but don’t necessarily connect to our library. I have been posting more often about library programming these last few weeks, though–instead of just posting an event once, I’ll mention it again a few days before and the day of, just to keep it fresh in people’s minds and it seems to be working well. I know I can do more, though, which is one of my big goals in this class.

Twitter and Pinterest, though–I’m not sure. 5/day minimum? I’ll have to think about those. Perhaps if I did a Pinterest board with “new to our library” materials, I might have a few–probably not 5 every day, but some days–pics to post on a daily basis. I suppose I could Tweet those as well, and reminders about the programs like I do on Facebook. I’ll have to think some more on this, and reflect on it while I continue working through the course materials and class discussions.

I am not sure about Google+ and LinkedIn for my library–I’ll need to do more research. The way I personally use LinkedIn now is really just for job-related networking, and I don’t see how I could really use it as a connect-with-my-patrons kind of tool. I personally am on Google+ as well, but don’t use it much–I’d need to look more into how much of an impact it really has before investing too much time and effort into it. Granted 5/week isn’t a lot of posts, but as I’m really the only person at work who handles the social media accounts and that’s in addition to everything else I do, I will definitely have to consider the time and effort spent vs. actual impact on the library when I decide on my social media plan of attack.




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