Did You Know? August is Read-a-Romance Month!

Did You Know? August is Read-a-Romance Month!

If you read romance (and even if you don’t) you NEED to check this out. August is now officially Read-a-Romance Month!

Bobbi Dumas, book reviewer, NPR journalist, and romance reader has put together this awesome event. Each day in August, THREE (3!) romance authors post on her site, telling why they read and write romances. Readers are encouraged to comment on their posts, and many of the authors actually respond back! (Kristan Higgins didn’t respond to me personally, which I’ll eventually get over. But Sherry Thomas and Marie Force did! Squee!)

There are giveaways galore too, and a store to buy merchandise to celebrate…it’s the ultimate destination for romance reader fangirling! (And if that’s not already a verb, as Word seems to think, then it should be–especially this month!)

Check it out!



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